Free Mp3 Tag Software – Automatically Sort Your Digital Music Library

Finding the right free MP3 tag software will be the smartest thing you’ve ever done in regards to organizing your music library. It is by far the best way to sort your digital music collection, and will save you tons of time and energy.

What is a Music Tag Exactly?

All MP3 files are embedded with tags or ID3 tags, which hold vital song details. MP3 tags can consist of information such as song title, artist name, album title, album release date, compression information, genre, and sometimes lyrics and more.Before the introduction of automatic MP3 tag software people like your self had to edit the music tags manually.  With all these potential fields one can see how easy it is to make a mistake when typing in the information, or even more common, skipping entering the information an entirely.

How to Automatically Fix MP3 ID3 Tags!

Free MP3 tag software can make iTunes organization a problem of the past. Here is a quick overview of how this revolutionary software works. The application has the ability to scan all of your digital music files and create an acoustic fingerprint. He then cross-references that fingerprint with the information in its online music database which is constantly growing. When a match is found the tag information is automatically downloaded to your computer and synced with the appropriate song. The whole process is automated and takes very little user input. With this method the software is able to correct it in the most horribly misspelled songs, and even songs with no name at all!

Free MP3 tag software bonus features:

  1. Delete duplicate MP3 files, or mark them as copies
  2. Correct misspelled songs
  3. Fix incorrect ID3 tags
  4. Automatically download missing album art
  5. Organize genres within iTunes

Download Tagging Software

With free MP3 tag software being so easy to use it is a wonder that not everyone has already downloaded one. You can easily find downloads all over the Internet, but be careful because very few offer all of the features and benefits talked about in this article.