How to Fix a Slow Computer With Cleaner Software

A slow computer is an inevitable part of any PC purchasing decision. It’s something you don’t get in any dotted line or fine print, but there is an agreement, whether silent or not, whether willing or not, that your computer will get slower, and slower and terminally ill as the months and years pile up. There are however some magic miracle cures in the world out there; one of them is a good registry cleaner and optimiser software. Here I will teach you how to fix a slow computer with cleaner software.

Your registry one of the most vital pieces of software in any Windows environment. It isn’t written in any manual, nor will anyone notice it much in the course of his or her PC experience. But that tiny file, measured only by a few kilobytes, a pittance in today’s terabyte crushing world, will play a large part in deciding how efficient your machine is now, and especially down the road.

The registry is the centre of reason within the computing nexus; it is where all information is passed, judged, stored and referred to for later reference. It is the library that determines how intelligent your PC is in retrieving data, launching programs and keeping its integrity together. A cluttered and corrupted registry could mean the difference between a few thousand dollars acting like a bargain bucket deal. Don’t worry, it is a common oversight by many people – especially in this day and age of fast food experiences and quick digital fixes. We never look under the hood anymore – software or hardware, and know what makes everything tick.

There are many things that can go wrong within a registry – adversely affecting the performance of the PC. Bad program installs can leave orphaned or confused entries or embedded keys that Windows will try to execute anyway and lead to a protracted wild goose chase to a dead end. Uninstalls, even complete ones, leave null and empty value chains within the registry that contribute to ‘virtual potholes’ that can trip up a smooth operation. Anytime you insert a program into your PC, it registers itself within the registry and over time, a lot of clutter and free floating data can choke the system easily.

Think that’s it? Think again. Virus, malware and spyware, once they get through even your Fort Knox defence, will wreak havoc on your registry. Compared to a cleaner software, an antivirus and antispyware software would be akin to a gorilla wearing latex mittens, trying to pry a needle from a haystack 5 miles deep. Only a good cleaner software, with its delicate and fine brain surgeon like delicacy can take away the damage done by these malicious programs to your registry.

From active X faults, runtime errors, program crashes, obsolete software, bad pop ups to general PC slowdowns – almost everything can be traced back to the registry. A good cleaner software is all you need sometimes and it will show you what to fix and how to fix a slow computer, guaranteeing you a much better computing experience in less than an hour.