Mp3 Tag Utility – Simple Tagging Software for Restoring Your Music Tags

If you’re any sort of music connoisseur than chances are you have a vast mp3 library. And in this library there’s also a chance that things aren’t always as clean and organized as we’d like them to be. In fact, your collection can be a complete mess. This is where an mp3 tag utility comes in and saves you the headache.

What headache am I speaking of? The headache that comes with hours of manual seemingly endless mp3 tag organization. Starting to ring a bell? Most of us have spent a few minutes trying to organize and rename or tags by hand but this usually becomes overwhelming. Depending on the size of your music library it can be almost an impossible task.

For most of us we have busy lives, so we can’t sit around for days on end tidying up our music libraries. Because of how tedious and overwhelming this task can be, a small software company has developed a convenient utility as a solution to this rampant problem. The solution is an mp3 tagger that can automatically rename, organize, and edit your tags with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The program I have always used is TidySongs. It’s a simple program developed by Cloudbrain inc. a software company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. With the debut of their tag editing utility in 2007, they have cleaning up and fixing music libraries by the millions.

The program is really quite brilliant. It scans each on of your songs and automatically repairs your broken mp3 tags. The process looks something like this…

1. The tag utility scans each song and captures a small sound bite
2. Next the program references the sound bite with their mp3 tag database
3. After finding the appropriate information for each song the program than corrects each tag automatically

Obviously things are a bit more complicated than this simple explanation but the main thing is that user involvement is at a minimum. From the user standpoint, everything is completely on autopilot and that’s really the beauty of it all. No one wants to waste time, especially in this busy day and age. So don’t let music organization be any different, get it done the easy way and focus on more important things in life.