What’s a Runtime Library Error? What’s Library? And How Do I Fix It?

A runtime library error is inconvenient (to say the least; it usually means that a program either will not start up, or else shuts down halfway into doing what it’s supposed to do!).

It is not necessarily a complex problem–it is simply made up of a couple of different “moving parts.” Once you read the explanations, you should have a better understanding of just what in the world a runtime library error is, as well as how to fix it and why it’s not the end of the world.

What is a runtime (or run time)? This refers to the period of time where a computer program is actually active from a user standpoint.

This may sound like a “big duh” type of term. But it makes more since when you compare it to “load time” which is the time when the program is firing up, or “compile time”, which happens before the program is even loaded. Errors may occur at these times, as well.

(This doesn’t mean that a runtime library error always happens in the middle of a program–sometimes it happens as soon as the program starts, but this is still after load-time.)

What is a program library? As you might guess, when speaking in terms of computers, this is not a place where you store books, eBooks or otherwise! The function is however similar.

A library is a database of codes and commands in a specific language. The runtime library is specific codes to be used while the program is running (instead of loading or compiling).

A runtime library is special case because it includes code that is not in the program’s actual programming language. A program known as a compiler translates the program’s language into the Windows computer’s language so that the program can actually execute.

The runtime library includes codes and short cuts that can be used during the actual operation of the program. Without it, the program would bloat in size and take up more space than necessary, every time it is used.

So what is a runtime library error–and how can I fix it?

There may be several reasons for this error. It may occur because of a glitch during installation or because you have an unauthorized version of a bit torrent site (for shame!). It is also not unheard of when it comes to beta and test versions of upcoming software.

Fortunately, the solution is often as simple as re-installing the program. This isn’t the only solution, though. Sometimes there can be an issue with the compiler or registry. You can learn more about runtime library error and have your computer and its programs running properly in no time flat.